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MiniPrinter EDU

Concrete 3D printer for research and education


Starting from 70 000 € excl tax *

     * depending on pumping options

Developed in concert with construction training professionals, the Constructions-3D Mini Printer is designed to answer the need of the education and research sectors looking to develop the construction skills of their students and teams regarding 3D digital tools.

The Mini Printer is a complete pedagogical tool that meets the new stakes of construction training. This compact tool has been designed to train tomorrow’s builders in new and disruptive construction technics. The Mini Printer makes it possible to harness the possibilities of large structures 3D printing within the commodity of a small format and therefore explore the vast potential offered by digital building tools.

Constructions-3D’s turnkey solutions include all the necessary accessories and pedagogical resources required to suit a large array of student profiles, from the beginners to the most experimented.

An Educational Tool

Master new automated construction technics

Learn about ways to reduce the ecological footprint in the construction sector

Control costs and execution times

Reduce the exposure to occupational hazards and drudgery


General Information

• Printing dimensions (XYZ): 615 x 520 x 600 mm (242,12 x 204,72 x 236,22 inches)

• 3D printer frame volume (W x D x H): 2100 x 1800 x 2100 mm

• Weight: 250 kg

• Accuracy: 3 mm (0.12 inches)

• Printing speed: Up to 150 mm/s (5,91 inches/s)

• Power: 220V single-phase

Pumping System

  • Pumping system : Spray pump

  • Materials compatibility : Mortars, Constant start pump

  • Pump filling : By batch

  • Power : 230 V

  • Maximum pressure during pumping : 30 bars (usual pressure : 2 bars)

  • Maximum transport distance : 30 m (98,42 feet)

  • Pumping power : 4kW, 230V, 50Hz

  • Usual material flow : 5L / min (1.32 gallons) *

  • Maximum flow rate : 50L / min (13.20 gallons) *

  • Minimum flow rate: 1L / min (0.26 gallons) *

  • Grain size : 6 mm (0,23 inches) *

  • Fiber compatibility: Yes, up to 25 mm (0,98 inches) and 2% in mass

*According to Rotor and pump stator


• Type : Constructions-3D machines are compatible with all types of monocomponent printable construction materials*. To supply you with printable construction material, please contact us.

* no additional additives are required

Package content

We provide you with the appropriate and complete tools:

Mini Printer 3D Printer + Pumping System + Software + Training + Material*


Mini Printer Pro
1 pumping system to choose *


Software developed by Constructions-3D
+ 3D file library



* 1 Ton of mortar premix suitable for 3D printing, packaged in bags or Big-Bags. The printer is open to using any other printable build material that meets the specifications/limitations of the pumping system. For more information, refer to the technical sheet or contact us.


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