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About us


About us

Constructions-3D is a project that aims to unite people in the search for a new way to live in this century of disruption. 3D printing, combined with short-cycle use of materials and energy, is fully in line with the new dynamic of the 3rd industrial revolution.

3D printing frees architecture from its technical constraints. It allows the construction industry to refocus its activities on imagination and creativity, while reducing the human, energy, ecological and financial cost of construction.

Our expertise

Our expertise is based on 3 fundamental pillars, essential for innovation and progress in a constantly evolving sector:

  • Development of Advanced 3D Printers: We began our journey by developing 3D printers, exploiting existing mortars on the market and those in the development phase. This first stage was crucial in laying the foundations of our technology.
  • Development of bespoke slicing software: to adapt precisely to the requirements of the construction industry, we have developed our own slicing software. This innovation enables us to refine our approach and respond precisely to the technical challenges of the sector.
  • Materials Research and Development: having mastered the first two parameters and aware of the challenges posed by traditional construction materials, we quickly identified the need to adapt our resources to meet our environmental ambitions while maintaining optimum performance, but we came up against the limitations of existing materials. This led us to launch our own R&D, aimed at creating the perfect blend between our printers and our environmental ambitions to meet demanding specifications, while minimising our carbon footprint.
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