Projects printed with our machine

Dimensions : 80 cm x 70 cm x 60 cm.

Weight : 250kg


Printing time: 32 min

Layer height: 20mm

Artificial reef

Dimensions : 200 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm.

Weight : 450kg

Printing time: 55 min

Layer height: 20 mm

Urban furniture : Printed bench

Urban furniture: Chaire

Dimensions: 80 cm x 70 cm x 60 cm.

Weight: 110kg

Printing time: 14 min

Layer height: 15mm

Double skin wall with internal structure

Dimensions : 250 cm x 120 cm x 90 cm.

Weight : 1200 kg

Printing time : 3h

Layer height : 15 mm

Stamped wall

Dimensions : 150 cm x 30 cm x 90 cm.

Weight : 550kg

Printing time : 1h03

Layer height : 10mm

Urban furniture:

Flower boxes

Dimensions : 50 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm.

Weight : 50kg

Printing time : 6 min

Layer height : 15mm


Concrete 3D printer able to fulfill research and schools needs of a small easy to use printer


Dimensions : 610 mm x 565 mm x 645 mm

Speed up to 300mm/s

Precision 2 mm

Constructions-3D develops a turnkey solution capable of printing structures on- site, by virtue of additive manufacturing technology coupled with a robust, economical and transportable machine. It is time that the 3D construction of buildings is a technology of common use, this is what guides us in Constructions-3D!

Constructions-3D est un fournisseur d'imprimantes 3D à mortier capables d'imprimer des structures en béton de façon automatisée.

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Contact us

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Constructions-3D concentrates all energy to meet the needs of customers: 360° Turnkey 3D building construction solution, after-sales service, warranties, and training.