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Meeting with Mattis Solé: Immersed in Training with Constructions-3D's MaxiPrinter

Today, we are pleased to present an exclusive interview with Mattis Solé, our dynamic Head of After-Sales Service. Mattis plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction at Constructions-3D. He shares with us his experience during an exceptional training session with our Mexican partners, unveiling the behind-the-scenes of this international collaboration.

Mattis, can you tell us about your role at Constructions-3D?

I'm Mattis Solé, an Icam engineer, and I serve as the Head of After-Sales Service at Constructions-3D. My main mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through effective troubleshooting and tailored training.

What was your experience like with the Mexican specialists during their visit?

The formation session with our Mexican partners was highly enriching. Despite their specialization in robotics, their adaptability during the printing phase with the MaxiPrinter was impressive.

Can you tell us more about these partners?

They come from Dedutel, a company specializing in import-export and experts in the development of new technologies. Although they don't have previous experience in 3D printing, their enthusiasm to explore further with the MaxiPrinter is evident.

How do you see the 3D printing market in Mexico?

The 3D printing market in Mexico is still developing, with a few players in the field but relatively few ongoing projects. There is a significant opportunity for Constructions-3D to establish a presence in this market.

What are their plans with the MaxiPrinter?

They have invested in the MaxiPrinter primarily to become a distributor in Mexico. Their end clients, including IPN Mexico (the National Polytechnic Institute), will now have access to this technology.

What is the next step?

The next step is to train the Mexican teams at IPN Mexico. We plan to start this training in approximately two weeks, although it's still to be confirmed.

Any interesting anecdotes?

During their visit, they were completely amazed by our technology – I remember their reaction of 'Sacre bleu!' when they saw our facilities and the impressive 14-meter Tower being printed.

During this week of sharing, we took the opportunity to give them an exclusive preview of our TERMIX factory, which is currently under construction (you'll learn more in our upcoming newsletters!), not to mention a visit to our research LAB with our doctoral candidate Estelle, who is preparing the mortars of tomorrow...

This experience with our new Mexican partners reflects the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives Constructions-3D. Mattis's energy and expertise, combined with the enthusiasm of our international partners, clearly demonstrate that the boundaries of 3D printing continue to expand. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and updates from our team at Constructions-3D!

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