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Innovation and international collaboration at the heart of Constructions-3D: Our journey to Dubai

I'm Thomas, and I handle business development at Constructions-3D.

Recently, I had the honor of representing our company during an official delegation to Dubai, accompanying AFPA to meet our partner and distributor, 3DXB.

Introduction of Our Partner in Dubai: 3DXB

3DXB is not just a major player in 3D printing for construction, but a truly versatile enterprise. Their expertise spans the development of specific printing materials, mastery of machines and software provided by Constructions-3D, as well as the design and engineering of construction projects. 3DXB goes beyond being our official distributor in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region; they are also trainers and service providers for their own clients' printing needs. Their ambitious vision: to be the catalyst for the adoption of 3D printing in construction on a global scale, particularly through the establishment of an international academy dedicated to this technology.

The AFPA delegation

The AFPA (National Agency for Adult Vocational Training), a key player in France's public employment service, is mandated by the Ministry of Labor to prospect and anticipate skills needs within the territory. Our collaboration with the AFPA aims to explore the possibilities of 3D printing in construction, a promising field for addressing issues of industrial sovereignty, the recruitment of skilled labor, and the housing crisis in France.

Visit and Impressions in Dubai

Our stay in Dubai was full of discoveries and meetings. We had fruitful exchanges with the Dubai Municipality, the leaders of 3DXB, and visited iconic sites: the largest 3D printed villa in the world (printed by 3DXB with our MaxiPrinter), 3DXB's printable mortar factory, their training center, and the first administrative building printed by the Dubai Municipality. These visits allowed the AFPA delegation to fully grasp the opportunities offered by 3D printing in construction.

Participation of 3DXB at BIG5

This exhibition brings together over 300 exhibitors and attracts more than 100,000 participants from various sectors, including construction technology, architecture, and urban planning. It is the largest and most influential construction industry trade show in the world. This was an opportunity to showcase the technological advancements in 3D building printing, and notably, it was an occasion for our client and partner 3DXB to receive the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D printed villa, achieved with the help of our MaxiPrinter.

COP28 and 3D Construction Printing

Our participation at COP28, which was happening concurrently with our event, was an opportunity we couldn't miss. We attended several sessions, particularly focused on the challenges of carbon footprint reduction. This was especially relevant as initial global studies suggest that 3D printing could reduce carbon emissions by approximately 30%. This experience was not only enriching but also underscored the crucial role of 3D printing in construction for a more sustainable energy transition.

The Dubai Municipality presented its vision of a sustainable and resilient future during the conference. Their approach is based on construction practices inspired by nature and supported by local technologies. This aligns perfectly with the principles of 3D printing in construction, emphasizing its significance in shaping a more environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient future in the building sector.

This journey to Dubai was a key moment in our international collaboration efforts. It reinforced our belief that 3D construction printing is not only an innovative solution for the future but also a driver of intercultural exchanges and international cooperation. At Constructions-3D, we are excited to continue this exciting, cutting-edge technology, and innovation-driven adventure with the support of 3DXB, a reference in the field in the United Arab Emirates.

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