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Formnext ! ūüöÄ What happened during these 4 days ?

4 remarkable days in Frankfurt at the Formnext exhibition.

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent endeavors, showcasing our commitment to innovation and advancement in the field of 3D printing.


Here's a recap of our noteworthy moments :

 Live Printing with MaxiPrinter

This year, we captivated audiences with live printing sessions over three consecutive days featuring our cutting-edge 3D printer, MaxiPrinter. Witnessing the mobility and rapid deployment of MaxiPrinter, taking just 3 minutes and 38 seconds to unleash its capabilities, left a lasting impression on our visitors.


Exciting Announcement - C3DPWC

In a proud moment, we introduced C3DPWC, a transformative initiative in collaboration with LUYTEN and 28 other construction companies. This endeavor is dedicated to advancing advocacy and awareness in the realm of construction 3D printing. If you believe your application aligns with our mission, join us !

Engagement with Our Team and Experts

Our team and experts from m-tec were available to address inquiries during the event. We express our appreciation to Alexandre Thomann and Dominique Kuhlmann for their invaluable support in promoting our technology.

The success of Constructions-3D's turnkey 3D printing solutions is fortified by the quality of pumping solutions, and we are proud to have m-tec's support.

Introducing Mobile Lab C3D

We unveiled our latest development, the Mobile Lab C3D, garnering positive feedback for its relevance as a solution for the development of local 3D printing materials.

Stay tuned for more information !

MiniPrinter PRO XL Unveiled

The much-anticipated MiniPrinter PRO XL has been unveiled. While already in operation with our clients, its compact version was presented last year.

The Tower at the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire

Discover the construction site of "La Tour" at the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire (future home of Machines-3D). This showcases that the MaxiPrinter can operate without limits both horizontally and vertically, printing entire floors. Stay tuned for updates on this incredible project in upcoming publications.

Thanks to Formnext, for their trust and visionary spirit regarding the upcoming revolutions brought about by additive manufacturing.

Should you have further inquiries or wish to delve into the specifics of the products and services showcased, feel free to contact us anytime.

About Constructions-3D : The France based manufacturer of 3D construction printing solution. We support companies all over the world in their success to integrate 3D construction printing to their process.

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