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Constructions-3D, the future of construction in France

Back in image on the stages of the construction of the 3D printed building of Constructions-3D in the city of Bruay-sur-l'Escaut.

From 3D printing of walls to linen-based insulation, the installation of doors and windows.




Région Hauts-de-France


BPI France

Valenciennes Métropole

Réseau Entreprendre

Architectural firm Sylvain Pierre Jean

Ville de Bruay-sur-l'Escaut

La Linière 100% producer of linen

Private high school Dampierre and its professional baccalaureate team Aluminum Carpentry - Windows installation

IMT Nord Europe

► La Cancellera Christophe - Installation of the doors and the sign

► 🎥 Video production - Jessica Maciejewski

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