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Constructions-3D at the World of Concrete Exhibition in Las Vegas

Constructions-3D is participating in the World of Concrete exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 23 to 25, 2024, alongside its exclusive North American partner and distributor, Geopolymer International, at Booth N1445.

At the forefront of innovation in 3D building printing, GPI (Geopolymer International) specializes in research, development, and production of sustainable construction materials based on geopolymers and offers the latest equipment for mixing and printing them. The Constructions-3D MaxiPrinter, therefore, naturally enhances and complements its offerings for the American market.

Several activities are scheduled for the exhibition:

The traditional press conference and question-and-answer session with Geopolymer International's President and Founder, William Hoff, and Constructions-3D Founder, Antoine Motte. They will share their visions of 3D building printing and their initiatives for sustainable, low-carbon footprint printing with the audience.

Demonstrations of GPI printers, presentations on geopolymers, and, of course, interactions with the teams from Geopolymer and Constructions-3D who have specially traveled for the occasion.

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