Dimensions : 610 mm x 565 mm x 645 mm

Advanced printing speed up to 300 mm/s

Accuracy: 2 mm

Mortar ExtrusionBench

This 3D printed model is a stair composed of 10 steps. They were printed one after the other thanks to the Mini Printer. This production demonstrates that the Mini Printer is capable of printing mountable objects of large sizes.

Height of the stair mounted: 2 m
Height per step: 180 mm
Height of the layer: 10 mm
Width of the cord: 20 mm
Printing time: 5 minutes

The stairs

This tree pot aims to camouflage a reinforced concrete pole to give it a more aesthetic appearance and thus better decorate the urban landscape. Also, this 3D printed model highlights the complex shapes that can be printed with the Mini Printer.

Height: 405 mm
Height of the layer: 5 mm
Width of the cord: 30 mm
Print time: 12 minutes

Tree pot

Low shelf

This print is a TV stand composed of two printed parts. They were printed one after the other thanks to the Mini Printer. This model shows that the Mini Printer is able to print furniture, interior or even urban as well as assembly objects of large sizes.

Height: 500 mm
Layer height: 10 mm
Cord width: 20 mm
Printing time per piece: 5 minutes

Solar fountain

This fountain was 3D printed using the Mini-printer. A solar panel system of pump has been integrated in order to realize an outdoor fountain. It is interesting to note that patterns can be applied to the outer wall. The possibilities are unlimited.

Height: 200 mm
Layer height: 10 mm
Cord width: 20 mm
Print time: 5 minutes


This print was offered by Constructions-3D for the 3D Print Congress & Exhibition (Print Lyon) 2019. Their logo was printed in 7 parts.

Height: 600 mm
Layer height: 10 mm
Cord width: 25 mm
Printing time per letter: 5 minutes
Printing time per Total: 35 minutes

Textured Wall

This impression shows that 3D printing is able to create not only shapes but also new textures. The possibilities are endless, it's up to you to imagine them.


Height: 300 mm
Height of the layer: 10 mm
Width of the cord: 25 mm
Printing time: 4 minutes

Urban furniture:
pot of plants

Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm.

Weight: 50 kg

Printing time: 6 minutes

Layer height: 15 mm

Constructions-3D develops a turnkey solution capable of printing structures on- site, by virtue of additive manufacturing technology coupled with a robust, economical and transportable machine. It is time that the 3D construction of buildings is a technology of common use, this is what guides us in Constructions-3D!

Constructions-3D est un fournisseur d'imprimantes 3D à mortier capables d'imprimer des structures en béton de façon automatisée.

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