Our control unit is divided into 3 parts: a computer, a software and a conversion box. These 3 parts are included in the turnkey solution package. The software and its license are already installed on the control computer. After delivery and training, the system is ready for use.

Our software is designed to be user-friendly and reliable, and it is not necessary to have an internet connection to control the machine for maximum autonomy.


Our software solution is specifically adapted to the use of heavy 3D files, which is necessary given the size of printed buildings (all CAD software that can generate STL files are compatible).

Users do not necessarily need to have any degree in software engineering or in CAD in order to work with our software, only the Constructions-3D training is needed. The software solution doesn’t need to be updated often so that it can work for the entire lifetime of the machine without an internet connection.

When we develop updates, users are notified to set an appointment to install it.

Constructions-3D develops a turnkey solution capable of printing structures on- site, by virtue of additive manufacturing technology coupled with a robust, economical and transportable machine. It is time that the 3D construction of buildings is a technology of common use, this is what guides us in Constructions-3D!

Constructions-3D est un fabricant d'imprimantes 3D à mortier capables d'imprimer des structures en béton de façon automatisée.

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Constructions-3D concentrates all energy to meet the needs of customers: 360° Turnkey 3D building construction solution, after-sales service, warranties, and training.