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A turnkey solution



Starting from 495 000 € excl tax *

 * depending on pumping options

Main characteristics of the MaxiPrinter

On-site printing

Constructions-3D is aware of the difficulties that can be encountered by the professionals in the construction industry. Therefore, our on-site solution has been entirely designed to be compatible with those constraints.
The transport by container as well as the robustness of the machine derived from its hydraulic system make it the most adapted construction automation tool for the on-site printing.

Transport by a 20-feet container

How to transport the concrete 3D printer? We offer you a turnkey solution that also includes a 20-foot container with a marine certificate, intended not only to transport all the equipment but also to store it from the harsh conditions of weather.

Reliability and robustness

We are aware of the conditions that the material can endure that is the reason why our concrete 3D printer is equipped to face those hard conditions.

Package content 


We provide you with the appropriate and complete tools:

Maxi Printer* 3D printer + Silo Kit + Pumping system + Remote control screen + Software + Loading ramps + Training + C3D Starter Kit**


(delivered in its container)


Automated Pumping system
+ Silo Kit

C3D Slicer Software

Capture d’écran 2022-10-24 162913.png
DSC_0057_Tuyau de pompage.png
DSC_0054_Enxemble rotors et stators.png

Pumping hose for concrete
+ Pumping rotors and stators

+ C3D Starter Kit


Remote control screen

* The MaxiPrinter is delivered in its fitted 6L shipping container.

** C3D Starter Kit: pumping hose for concrete + Set of pumping rotors and stators pumping stators + Transport and Assistance equipment.


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Chronology of Installation

Step 1 : Deployment and installation of the material (1h00 - 2 people)

Step 2  : Initialization of the printer and the pump (1h00 - 2 people)

V2 - Etape 1.jpg
V2 - Etape 2.jpg

Step 3  : Printing (2 people minimum)

Step 4  : Cleaning and storage (1h30 - 2 people)

V2 - Etape 3.jpg
V2 - Etape 4.jpg

The MaxiPrinter 3D concrete printer by Constructions-3D is a revolutionary solution for the construction industry, offering a blend of innovation and sustainability. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the MaxiPrinter facilitates the swift production of robust, customized concrete structures.

What sets the MaxiPrinter apart are its unparalleled precision, impressive printing speed, user-friendly interface, and above all, its remarkable mobility. Its sophisticated control system guarantees seamless and dependable printing, while its compatibility with multiple concrete types provides unparalleled flexibility.

The printer boasts a spacious printing area, making it ideal for executing large-scale projects without compromising on quality. Its unique track system allows for on-site movement and printing, making it versatile enough to operate in even the most challenging terrains be it rugged landscapes, steep inclines, or remote locations. Understanding the complexities and constraints often encountered on construction sites, we have engineered a machine that rises to the occasion.


The MaxiPrinter is constructed from high-grade materials and incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure peak performance. Each component has undergone rigorous testing for durability and strength, meeting the stringent demands of the construction sector. Moreover, our skilled technical team offers continuous support and extensive technical assistance to guarantee the machine's optimal operation.

Our all-inclusive automation solution is designed for quick on-site deployment, enabling immediate printing of structures and significantly reducing both human and financial risks. This advanced level of process repeatability streamlines the entire construction workflow.


By automating the construction process, the MaxiPrinter not only cuts down on costs and timelines but also minimizes the environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and construction waste. We are proud to offer a solution that aligns innovation with the practical needs of the construction industry. Our comprehensive training programs ensure that you can operate your new construction tool proficiently right from the outset. MaxiPrinter stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of concrete 3D printing for construction endeavors. With its unparalleled performance, unwavering reliability, and enduring durability, it unquestionably sets the industry benchmark. You can place your utmost trust in the MaxiPrinter to meet and exceed all your construction project needs.

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