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Constructions-3D has completed two concrete 3D printing projects using the MaxiPrinter, a machine specially developed to produce the structures of a building in concrete 3D printing. "Le Pavillon" was completed in 2019, then "l'Accueil" in 2021 and "La Tour", the construction of which began in 2022.


Le Pavillon - 2019


L'Accueil - 2021

Un espace d'environ 50 m² pour accueillir les visiteurs de la Citadelle des Savoir-Faire dans la ville de Bruay-sur-l'Escaut. Ce bâtiment possède 3 pans de mur imprimés en béton avec chacun


La Tour - 2022

Le chantier de La Tour a débuté en été 2022.


These projects were made with the MaxiPrinter 3D concrete printer and its pumping accessories.


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Updated: Aug 18


Design by Johan Bauduin at Constructions-3D in April 2022.

Johan Bauduin and the PiPouf - Constructions-3D
Johan Bauduin and the PiPouf - Constructions-3D - April 2022

The PiPouf is a seat made in concrete 3D printing with the MiniPrinter PRO. It has the shape of the mythical Pi symbol, sometimes called Archimedes' constant. It will find its place in an exterior, a garden room or even an interior space. These parts were made with the material Parex (grey) and Sika 751 (white) for an approximate weight of 50 kg per seat.

The design sector is being turned upside down by this new field and companies are gradually starting to spring up to offer ever more innovative solutions. This is the case of our customer Street Home Design - SHD which will soon distribute the first line of 3D printed furniture in France.

What are the stakes of construction 3D printing ?

Construction 3D printing allows for, among others:

- A diminution of the environmental footprint of the construction sector,

- Reducing drudgery and exposure to occupational hazards,

- Lowering the costs and production delays,

- Overcoming architectural constraints and create new unique forms.

> Find the Pipouf file in our file library <


This project was made with the MiniPrinter PRO 3D printer and its pumping accessories.


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With the growing consumer demand for cryptocurrencies, Constructions-3D decided to be among the first companies to allow payments in Bitcoin for its goods and services.

Digital currencies and the blockchain technology have the potential to facilitate transactions, especially in territories without access to the global monetary system. By accepting Bitcoins, Constructions-3D hopes to contribute at its own scale to their adoption in the automated building construction sector.

Our sales teams are at your disposal for any questions regarding this new payment method.

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