Constructions-3D project aims to group as much participant as possible around the development of a collaborative and scalable tool, adapted to the environment of use.

This new construction tool has for objective to provide Humanity dignified house as fast and eco friendly as possible.

Constructions-3D currently wants to multiply its strenght by partnering with other structures, either public or private, international or national, in order to maximise chances for 3D printing for construction to impact worlwide the construction sector, and the way humanity lodges.

The 3D-printing in the construction industry allows us to free ourselves of the common constraints by offering an innovative housing; architecturally opened to new forms, personalized and environment-friendly. 



Constructions-3D is a project that focuses on the research of a new way of accommodation adapted to our century full of breakthroughs.
The 3D-printing associated with the use, in short circles, of materials and energies is an integral part of the new dynamic that falls within the third industrial revolution.

3D printing is a way to largely get rid of the current architectural constraints. It allows the refocusing of the construction on imagination and creativity while reducing its costs on the human, energy, ecological and financial aspects.


Constructions-3D has put the customer at the center of its development and commercialization strategies. Our knowledge of both construction and 3D printing sectors allowed us to create a turnkey solution for the automated construction of buildings.

Our machine is designed to provide a new accommodation solution. Simplicity, robustness, mobility and accessibility constitute the four concepts that have guided our development. 

Constructions-3D develops a turnkey solution capable of printing structures on- site, by virtue of additive manufacturing technology coupled with a robust, economical and transportable machine. It is time that the 3D construction of buildings is a technology of common use, this is what guides us in Constructions-3D!

Constructions-3D est un fabricant d'imprimantes 3D à mortier capables d'imprimer des structures en béton de façon automatisée.

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Constructions-3D concentrates all energy to meet the needs of customers: 360° Turnkey 3D building construction solution, after-sales service, warranties, and training.