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Who is Constructions-3D ?

Constructions-3D is a French company that has been designing since 2017 machines that produce structures in 3D concrete printing.

Our team develops several machines:

The MaxiPrinter , the MiniPrinter PRO , the MiniPrinter EDU and the Constructimètre .

The software for our machines is developed and mastered internally with our team of developers.

The materials are tested and validated by our team of engineers.

The training is carried out by our team following the acquisition of a machine or a request.

The concrete 3D printing process is based on an automation and repeatability system.


CONSTRUCTIONS-3D now aims to multiply its strengths by associating with established structures, whether administrative, regional, national, European or private, in order to participate as much as possible in a sensible development of Humanity.

Constructions-3D sites at the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire

Concrete technological disruption

Thanks to 3D concrete printing, we can free ourselves from the usual constraints by offering innovative technologies, uninhibited and personalized architectures.

Constructions-3D Project

Constructions-3D is a project aiming to federate around the search for a new way of housing for this century full of ruptures. 3D-printing coupled with the short-cycle use of materials and energy is fully in line with the new dynamics of the 3rd industrial revolution.


3D printing is a way to break free from many of the current architectural constraints. It thus allows construction to refocus its activities on imagination and creativity, while reducing the human, energy, ecological and financial cost of construction. 

Our values

We have placed you at the center of our development and marketing strategy. Our knowledge, both of the construction sector, but also of the 3D printing sector, has enabled us to design a turnkey solution for an automated construction tool for buildings but also for industrial parts.


Four concepts have driven our development: Simplicity , Robustness ,  Accessibility and Mobility .  


Our partners

The Constructions-3D team is supported by partners who are convinced of the importance and relevance of the project.

Special thanks

Constructions-3D has met a lot of interlocutors who believe in our project. We truly appreciate your support and generosity.

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